People’s Favorite

La Trinidad is known for their strawberry farms, where they grow strawberries, cabbages, lettuce etc. Tourists love to visit the strawberry farm where they could pick strawberries and eat their famous strawberry ice cream (but it is much more like a sorbetes)It is a favorite because it is made from real strawberries picked from their farms. The sweetness of the ice cream with bits of strawberry is what makes it people’s favorite.

Aside from strawberry ice cream, they also have Strawberry Taho. It is (I guess) only found in Baguio that you can eat and try Strawberry Taho. Just like any other Taho, it has silken tofu, pearls and sugar syrup, but this one they gave a twist and had it flavored with strawberry. Strawberry Taho has a balanced taste, with the strawberry syrup that is sweet and the soya (or silken type of tofu) that has a bland taste.



So if you’re planning to go to Baguio, don’t forget to try these to complete your experience.

(La Trinidad Strawberry Farm is just 20 minutes away from Baguio)


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