“Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too” – Beau Taplin

‘The biggest cliche in photography are the sunsets’. As the sun sets, it reflects its hues and palettes of color into the rippling waves of the ocean. It makes perfect silhouettes to trees or valleys with radiant and vivid backdrop colors of orange and yellow. The sunset creates perfect drama to photographs, as it is soothing and exquisite. Witnessing one of the greatest phenomena of nature draws us to peace of mind. Its colors harmonize us as we watch it to go down, as we walk beside the shores with winds blowing through our faces that gives us a heartwarming feeling, we wouldn’t want to miss the warm colors that arouses and tingles our senses. The spectacle of light and glaring colors upon the horizon bring tranquility. You may get the feeling of freedom from all the obligations and stresses from seeing the awe of sunsets. It makes us see the brighter things in life and it changes our perception of how awful our day was. Sunsets are constant reminders of how wonderful life is despite the every day struggles, hardships and stresses that there will and always be a beautiful ending.

Watching sunsets can be romantic and inspiring. Cliche as it can be, it will always be the most awaited time of the day. “Nature is fuel for the soul” it relives us from stress and definitely gives us serenity. The warm colors it bears are utterly satisfying and picturesque.


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